This game does not suck

This game does not suck

There’s been a lot of hype about Facade in the gaming community lately (as a member of the IGDA, I got the news) but I just really can’t get that fired up about a game where you get to interact with a couple who is having an argument. Yay. People are gushing about this gem where I get to actually virtually hang out with my arguing neighbors. How cute. Somebody hand me the railgun.

One tidbit I CAN tell you: I just finished playing the demo of Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne. Although it was short, I had a blast playing this fun and quirky interactive puzzler, and will be checking this title out soon. I highly recommend you pull the demo from Fileplanet or wherever else ya might be able to scrape it up.

2 thoughts on “This game does not suck

  1. Paul

    I agree bro. This game is great. It’s actually what I hoped the Myst series would have been more like.

    God, that demo kills me though. Is it really that short? I didn’t even get to use my rockets!